New Name for a new home

We’re moved in! We’ve setup the offices and we are so excited to be doing the good work in our new home. While we were at one of the biggest changes in our organization’s history we also changed our name.

Lakes Area Youth Service Bureau is now known as Lakes Center for Youth and Families! We’re very excited about the change as it focuses our name on our core service to the youth and families of our community.

Check out the virtual tour of our new space:

On the Move

We are officially on the move! On Saturday the movers came and took two big truckloads of furniture and file cabinets over to the new space and got us started. Bright and early on Monday all the staff went to the old building and loaded up our cars, trucks & trailers with all our goodies and headed over to the new space! We were all moved over by noon– what a great team we have! Things are starting to come together over here, we are all working hard to get our offices and common areas organized and set up before we re-open next week.  Still lots to do so stay tuned for more updates!

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Painting Day One Was a Success

Painting Day 2 This Saturday

On Saturday we were able to paint a majority of our new office spa ce. We had a great group of 15 volunteers who painted from 9 am to 4pm with only a small stop for some Pizza at lunch!
We will be finishing up our last few rooms this Saturday, Feb 18 at 9am if you want to join us. Contact or call 651-464-3685!
Getting those walls painted.
Spackle, spackle, spackle, and prime.
Quality roller work.
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Press Announcement

Feb 7, 2017
Contact: Jeanne Walz
Lakes Center for Youth and Families

Youth center announces upcoming move, calls for community support

The Lakes Area Youth Services Bureau (LAYSB), serving the region and its youth since 1976, announced its plan to move from its current Lake Street location in March to a new, upgraded facility to meet the needs of youth and their communities.

Executive Director Jeanne Walz said the LAYSB’s current site sits in a spot slated by the City of Forest Lake for redevelopment, so the search began for a new home. LAYSB was able to buy space in the Town Square building in the site of a former bakery that will provide the 4,500 square feet of space needed to serve the community, family and young people into the future.

“This move will be a great step forward for our young people needing a supportive community” said Jeanne Walz, Executive Director of LAYSB. “We need our residents and partners to help us help these kids, by chipping in for the costs of our new, improved space.” LAYSB needs to raise a total of $300,000 to renovate, remodel and prepare the new headquarters space before the March move-out/move-in date. Walz said the organization has been “quietly conducting a fundraising campaign with its major donors” and is now seeking support from the broader community to help fill in the remaining gaps.

LAYSB offers many, unique programs to address the difficult problems faced by kids ages 10-17 and their parents. These services will continue, and there are an equal number of activities that give all teens opportunities to learn, socialize, and make friends. Critical offerings like job skills development challenge teens and help them contribute to their community. LAYSB serves the young people and families in Forest Lake, as well as North Branch, Chisago Lakes and other cities, townships and schools districts.

For more information on the Lakes Area Youth Service Bureau or to support its campaign, visit its website at where secure, tax-deductible donations are gratefully received. Members of the media are encouraged to use photographs and materials from this site, and to schedule interviews with LAYSB staff and board about the community support campaign.###

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  • Lots to do at the start of the day.


Looks more like a home every day.

We have walls! Much of the insulation and drywall has been put up. The HVAC reaches all of the offices and rooms and have been cutting and installing metal wall frames.

Support This Work! – It takes a community to make a lasting impact.

The Work Begins

This website is an important part of our capital campaign. We are excited to have a space dedicated to the fundraising efforts of our upcoming move, as well as a space that will keep our community informed about our progress. We hope you’ll come back here often to see the updates which will post regularly to this blog.

Follow us on social media for additional updates on the campaign as well as general information on programs and events.

~LAYSB staff and board

Support This Work! – It takes a community to make a lasting impact.

Construction Begins

Gaughan construction workers begin the framework for the new office space. From the demolition, all existing walls had been torn down as the plans call for a brand new layout that will fit our & the community’s needs. The education center waits for construction to start.

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Panorama #1
Panorama #2
Panorama #3
Panorama #4

Demo Day!

What a great day! Thanks to our Demo Day Crew LAYSB is one step closer to making our new home a reality 35 energetic and determined volunteers cleared the space is less than an hour and a half.

Thank you Gaughan Company volunteers, area youth and community members for helping us get our new home ready for construction to begin!

Support This Work! – It takes a community to make a lasting impact.

Lots to do at the start of the day.
Looking good at the end of the day.
HUGE THANKS to all of the volunteers and supporters!

Capital Campaign Underway

Throughout November and December, our Capital Campaign Committee will be reaching out to large donors and business in our area that have been great supporters of LAYSB.  

After that, the next step will be to reach out to the community we serve and ask for their help. We are hoping to raise $40,000 from our friends in the local community.

Support This Work! – It takes a community to make a lasting impact.


LAYSB Board of Directors has initiated a capital campaign to raise funds to cover the one-time cost of purchasing and remodeling the space to make it appropriate for the services we provide.

Reaching our goal of $300,000+ means this change of location will not impact our ability to continue our current level of programs and services. The result of this campaign will be to create a welcoming, comfortable place for youth and their families where they can readily access an array of essential program and support services.

This campaign goal also includes funds to allow for necessary updates to technology and office equipment, and to purchase furniture and signage for the new location. 

The campaign is starting with private fundraising with long time and larger donors. We’ll add a community campaign portion in early 2017.

Support This Work! – It takes a community to make a lasting impact.